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  • As a new member in our organization you are given a login user name and a password to access the National Society of Collegiate Scholars website. Once you login, you will be able to complete your profile, update your personal settings and customize your NSCS page. While there, you will also be able to check out and apply for all upcoming scholarships and awards that are being offered through the organization. In the left column you can browse all available scholarships and awards, and in the main section of the page you will be able to see further informaiton detailing the application process for those that are currently open.

    In addition, as a part of NSCS, you are also presented with exclusive job search and networking tools available through the Careers & Networking section of the site. You will be able to fill out an application, which will be sent out to potential employers looking for NSCS members to fill jobs, along with the ability to network with companies that you aspire to work in. Moreover, there is a section that focuses on graduate schools where you may obtain information that will help you find the ones best suited for you and assist you with the application process.

    You will also find that in the panel on the left hand side of your page, you will see a tab that lists some of our partner companies and organizations from whom you may receive exclusive discounts. Some of participating companies are Geico, United Health Care, The Princeton Review, Kaplan, Dream Careers, Barnes and Noble (which gives you a discount on your purchases, including text books!), Brooks Brothers, Motel 6, T-Mobile and many more.

  • Throughout the semester our chapter is regularly working with several outside organizations in order to improve the Rutgers community.

    Here are some of the projects and community service events that we participate in:

    In collaboration with Rutgers Against Hunger we are conduction a food drive throughout the semester where you can donate canned goods at our meetings and events. Members will receive 1 point for every 4 cans donated . A maximum of 4 points may be accumulated by participating in this program.

    - PACE -
    Planning to Achieve Collegiate Excellence sets a goal to bring middle school and high school students to visit Rutgers in the hopes that one day they will go to college and uncover their potential for success. One of the activities that we do with PACE is a walking tour of a campus and a bus tour of the entire university. Participation in the program entails that you maintain a weekly contact with the student you wish to mentor and visit his or her school as one of the activities. You can earn 1 point/hour of your involvement. If you would like to contribute to PACE, please contact Alexander Leone at

    - IFP -
    International Friendship Program is a program that allows international students engage in one-on-one conversations with their American peers. The meetings are set-up based on time available by both parties and there is a minimum commitment requirement of 1 hour per week (1 point is awarded for each hour). Topic selection is up to the participants involved and activities can range from lunch to movies to attending sporting events. It is recommended that at least 2 hours per week are completed to give each student an hour a week of language practice.

    To get started, please submit an IFP Host Application form.
    For more information, please contact Jordan Levy at

  • Our society maintains a point system where members receive points for attending meetings and special events, and for taking the time to do community service. Members also receive points for wearing their NSCS t-shirts (available at the Induction Ceremony) to general meetings.

    Every event has a different point value that is determined prior to each event. The more points a member earns during a semester, the better is his or her eligibility of receiving scholarships and awards at the end of the year.

    Please keep in mind that members also need to accumulate at least 5 points per semester to be in good standing with the society.

    Membership criteria:

    Gold Member: 18+ pts
    Silver Mebmer: 13-17 pts
    Bronze Member: 9-12 pts
    Member in Good Standing: 5-8 pts

    To view current member standings please click here.

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